I wanted to translate this for those who don’t understand, but it just didn’t sound as magical Any help?

Wow I love this so much MashAllah

"Brother, if you want to be successful in life then earn Halal provisions. I am successful, and don’t presume that being rich means you are successful. Successful is the one who attains contentment in his heart."

I guess

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Overheard before the march:
'Daddy, why are we protesting?'
'Because little kids are being killed in #Gaza and we should always stand up for those who need it'
'Thats so sad, why are they being killed daddy?'
'Because there are very bad people in the world with too much power. Remember I taught you about the Nazis?'
'Yes daddy, I remember'
'Well the Nazis are still around pumpkin, they call themselves Zionists now'
Parenting: he’s doing it right.

This put tears in my eyes.

brb finding a lebanese husband alert your local masjids